You are building a new deck (or having DeckCrafters do it for you). You know how big you want your deck and you’ve chosen the material for your deck itself but what about the railings?

There are, thankfully, many choices; aluminum, glass, wire, metal, lumber as well as a combination of any of these.

Ask yourself a few questions before choosing, better yet, imagine yourself on your new deck. What are you looking at? What does your view look like? Are you facing a lake, ocean? A nice yard? Or neighbor Bob and his tighty whiteys hanging on the clothesline?

Also ask yourself, how much privacy do I want or need?

Not all railings work with all decks but most do. For instance, a vinyl deck will typically have aluminum railings but we have a customer with a vinyl deck overlooking a lake and they chose post and wire to maximize their viewing enjoyment. Another customer whose deck was very high end, looked upon a property on one side that was neglected. Their choice? Aluminum railings with frosted glass on that one side and spindles along the remainder. Yet another customer facing a lake enjoyed the view but not the almost constant breeze so they decided on aluminum and clear glass.

Many choices are D.I.Y. friendly but remember to measure correctly. Really, go back and measure again…right now. If you don’t know what to choose, call a reputable deck builder or railing supplier to come over and take a look. (You can show off that awesome deck you just built).

Safety, above all else, is number one, check the building codes for your particular province or state. If you choose to have a deck builder or railing supplier install your railing, they will have this information.

Once you are done you can Relax, Reflect and Reboot on your new deck.

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