Time for a new barbeque or maybe your first barbeque? Mmmm…cooking over fire, just like our cavemen forefathers. Interesting how the word “barbeque” conjures up such wonderful thoughts, to me anyways. Family get-togethers, food, adult beverages, food, side dishes…food.

So Many Choices!

There are so many choices with so many options when you’re looking to buy a new barbeque. So many choices that it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to making a decision. Let’s start with some easy questions.

  1. How many people are you barbequing for? Just yourself or a significant other and you? Is this a weekly family event and Uncle Bob loves your ribs?
  2. Where are you barbequing? On your deck? The backyard? The beach? (How nice that would be) While camping?
  3. When are you barbequing? All year round? Spring/summer only?
  4. What are you barbequing? The tried but true burgers and dogs? Steak? Chicken or perhaps a nice Tri-tip roast???

Just a couple of questions to work on. Pretty easy.

Back when I was a child, charcoal was HUGE. Everybody and their neighbor had a charcoal bbq or the nostalgic but still popular Hibachi. The first time my friends and I used one of those we learned NOT to place it on a plastic surface. Lesson learned.

Propane Or Natural Gas Barbeque?

Most people currently use propane or if you’re super fortunate you have a natural gas hook-up already installed in your home for outside use. How great that would be to never run out of fuel mid meat process!

As in my last blog about fire pits, I am going to insert a short explanation on BTU’s or British Thermal Units because this measure of energy is also used for barbeques.

The British thermal unit (Btu or BTU) is a traditional unit of heat; it is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. … Heat is now known to be equivalent to energy, for which the SI unit is the joule; one BTU is about 1055 joules.

Buying And Using Your New Barbeque

Ummmm…okay. On to the fun part, buying and using your new barbeque. It’s always good to shop around and if you can wait, buying in November and December can save you some big cash that you put towards some nice Ribeye steaks or for our Vegetarian friends, veggies or veggie Burgers!

A few photos below will show you some options but feel free to ask the salesperson where you are shopping. Chances are they are going to have some really good advice and maybe some tips too.

Safety First

Lastly, safety first. Always read the operating instructions before the first use especially the part about where to place your new BBQ. If you are buying a gas BBQ that is natural gas you will need a qualified gas fitter to install it.

Cheers, and enjoy your new addition to your deck or yard. Please check in for my next month’s blog, which will be about deck material choices such as lumber vs. composite.

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