Ever since choosing a patio cover for our patio and installing it three years ago we have been spending so much more time outside, on our deck, year round. It’s our place to go at the end of our day where we can relax, reflect and reboot.

Before you decide on a patio cover you should sit on your deck or patio and ask yourself what you want from a patio cover when you’re outdoors:

  • Will this be your quiet escape?
  • Is your outdoor space more for socializing and parties?
  • Or, do you just want to be outdoors more?

Whatever the reason is there are some options when choosing your patio cover.

When Choosing A Patio Cover, What Are Your Choices?

Here are a few choices and a quick explanation of what to expect.

These days, aluminum is probably the most popular cover.

Aluminum posts rest on your deck and the roof element is attached to your home. Sometimes they are installed slightly above the roof so that the rain will run down your roof and into the gutters, the small gap between the two offers little room for rain to enter.

Alternately, the cover is attached to the house and a gutter is installed on the patio cover itself.

The actual cover part or roof can be manufactured in many different materials or a combination such as:

  • V-channel aluminum
  • Aluminum and glass
  • Glass
  • Insulated aluminum
  • Polycarbonate, to name a few.
  • Lumber

When it comes to choosing a deck cover it all depends on personal preference.

V-channel Aluminum Patio

V-channel or aluminum roofs are just that, aluminum. Some are v-shaped, others are corrugated while still more are a flat surface.

Aluminum and Glass

Aluminum and Glass Deck Cover

Aluminum and glass let homeowners have a little of both and give the sunroof effect.

Choosing a patio cover that is aluminum and glass is a good choice when you want some sunlight and some coverage from the sun.

Panels can generally be positioned in a design you choose i.e. glass/ aluminum /glass or one glass panel in the middle.


Glass is very popular and not as hot as you might think.

This option allows all the light in even on the darker days.

Roll blinds can be purchased and installed under the roof if you know it might be just a little bit too toasty come summer but you still want all the light in the winter.

Insulated Aluminum

Insulated aluminum covers are great in the summer months offering slightly cooler temperatures underneath while producing little condensation in the winter months.

The insulation is generally Styrofoam like and about 3 inches thick. It really does take the edge off in the heat.

Polycarbonate Roofs

Polycarbonate Deck Roof

Polycarbonate roofs, which are also attached above the roof slightly or directly to the home, allow filtered light and UV protection.

This is what I have on my deck and I really like it. It’s bright, attractive and as an added bonus it acts like a greenhouse in the summer (without the humidity) causing my flower planters to grow thick and full.

Patio Deck Cover Installation

After choosing a patio cover, the next decision is installation.

When it comes to installation it’s best to leave this one for the company you purchased your deck cover from.

They will have the tools, experience and speed.

Saying that, polycarbonate on lumber is doable as a D.I.Y. job but take your time because the panels are not cheap to replace. And, you want to have more money to go towards the new outdoor furniture that you’ll be putting under your new patio cover.

So, when choosing a patio cover, remember that your outdoor living space is an extension of your indoor living space. Choosing the right patio cover for you and your home not only adds something beautiful to your home, but it also adds to the value of your home.

So, get out there and relax, reflect and reboot!

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